Dark Woods, Chill Waters

By Marcus Librizzi

The coast of Maine is unlike any other in the world. Author Marcus Librizzi writes the story Dark Woods, Chill Waters. This book which is not like the average book, has 21 short stories about the many hauntings located in the small towns along the coast of Maine. Each haunting is completely different and some may surprise you, places that some people in this area visit, or drive-by quite often is the spot at which these hauntings have occured. Some of the ghost and haunting stories Librizzi writes about in this book are The Headless Specter Of Black's Woods, Bad Little Falls, and much more. I really liked this book, which was surprising because i usually strongly dislike everything and anything that has to to with reading, but this book got my attention because of the way it was written. The way Librizzi writes this book always has you wanting to read more and makes you never want to put it down and close it. If you are a reader who like Maine, the coast, and hauntings in general, then this book is for you!. Trust me this book wont disappoint, its that good.

Dark Woods, Chill Waters
Book Review

Inspired by the ghost tales from down east Maine, Marcus Librizzi writes Dark Woods,Chill Waters.All across the down east there has been many different hauntings which have occurred and Librizzi has put a hand full of them into this book.
Throughout the book Librizzi has put many different short stories about the hauntings that have occurred. I really enjoyed this book because of the way he writes, the imagery really draws your attention and keeps you interested in this book the whole way through. As soon as you start reading this book you will not be able to put it down, it's that good. One of the stories I especially enjoyed is The Headless Specter of Black's Woods. An example of the imagery is “The area is mountainous, with views of foliage and crags of rock above the shimmering bodies of water in distant valleys below” (11). I was really able to picture Catherine's Hill, and Black's Woods in my head while reading this story because of how well he talks about it.
Another story i really liked reading about in this book was Bad Little Falls. This spot is extremely popular here in Washington County, and just about everyone that passes through the small town of Machais goes over the bridge which the river flows under. The quote “the little falls in the evil place” and the name itself “bad little falls” describes the falls very well. Most people hear of different hauntings located in and around the falls because of all the things that have happened there in the past. Including the loggers that drowned when they fell under the logs floating down river, to the item which were thought to be bad luck so they were threw off the bridge into the river.
The Imagery that Librizzi has used in this book, really lets the reader picture the hauntings and the place that they were happening in. These hauntings that occur in downeast Maine are unlike any other in the world. If you like to know about hauntings and even just downeast Maine, this is a book that you should be reading. The whole way through this book you will not be able to put it down its so well written. If you want to know about these hauntings that take place in this part of Maine. Read this book.

Dear Mr. Librizzi,
Recently I finished reading Dark Woods, Chill Waters in my English class where we have been currently reading books about Maine. I happened to choose your book, which I thought was very interesting and well written.In Dark Woods, Chill Waters, I enjoyed the short stories about all the different hauntings that took place here in downeast Maine. I especially enjoyed the story The Headless Specter of Black's Woods. I have always heard people talk about the different stories about Catherine's Hill, and Catherine herself. After reading the story I realized that there any many different versions about it.
Mr. Librizzi, there was one thing I wanted to know and that is, how did you find out about all of these hauntings? Also how did you get all the information about these hauntings and find the people to tell you about them?
After reading this book I never realized how how many hauntings took place around this area. Places that I drive by quite often are the places where these hauntings have occurred. I've also learned that hauntings can happen anywhere around this area, so I should never be surprised.

Sincerely, Brandon Raye