After reading at least 20 pages in your Maine novel, complete a journal entry from the handout and then post it on this discussion page along with your name, author's name, & book title.

Reading Journals
Maine Novel Read at least 20 pages of your Maine novel, then select one of the following assignments to complete:
You can choose to:
1. copy a quotation from the book and write a paragraph about what it means to you.
2. describe & discuss what confuses you about the book.
3. describe & discuss what you would do differently from one of the characters in the books.
4. compare the characters in the book to people you know.
5. predict what will happen next in the book and describe why you make that prediction.
6. find an image or create one of your own in response to what you read; write a description or explanation of your picture; and label your picture with details from the text.
7. find a poem or song that reminds you of something from the novel, copy it and write a paragraph explaining how it connects to the book.
8. write a paragraph explaining how events in the book connect to events in your own life or events that have happened or are happening in the world.

Trevor Wood
English 11
Describe & discuss what you would do differently from one of the characters in the books

What I would do differently would be if i was Eddie I wouldn't be cutting my brothers traps i would be helping him find out who was. Even if I lived with Roger I would tell Roger to knock it off and stop cutting my brothers traps. I would be going out with my brother every time to make sure nothing happens to him. If I was Eddie I would start making better decisions then I have been. I would move back in with my mother and watch out for my brother on the water.

Zach Albee
Song and Book Compare
English 11

I, Tot Himself, am comparing a song to the book I am reading. The song I choose was Last Of The Dying Breed by Neal McCoy.

He's a cold beer drinker, a buck n' bear hunter:
The best friend a dog ever had.
A post-hole-digger, a man Skoal dipper,
John Deere cap-sportin' man.
With a house on a hill and a pond in the field,
Surrounded by a mess of corn rows.
Makes a livin' from his labour, a credit to the Maker,
He's somebody everybody knows.

Last of a dying breed who tend the fields and mend the fences.
Heaven knows, I'd hate to think that generation might be ending,
But if he goes, he will go down in history:
As the last, the last of the:

Overall wearers, farmer tan tearers,
Down at the BFW hall. (Hot dog.)
Cake pan lickers, ripe tomato pickers,
Hay balers loadin' trailers in the Fall.
Fruit stand sellers, town square dwellers,
Who gather at The Dairy Queen at dawn.
Everybody knows him an' everybody loves him:
God, I'm gonna miss him if they're gone.

Last of a dying breed who tend the fields and mend the fences.
Heaven knows, I'd hate to think that generation might be ending,
But if he goes, he will go down in history:
As the last, the last of a dying breed.

(Last of a dying breed.)
He's a hard-working family man.
(Last of a dying breed.)

Last of a dying breed who tend the fields and mend the fences.
Heaven knows, I'd hate to think that generation might be ending,
But if he goes, he will go down in history:
As the last, the last of a dying breed.
Of a dying breed.
Of a dying breed.

This song reminds me of my book that I am reading, called In Maine, its about a man living out the harsh winter, the warm winter, the colorful fall, and all the other seasons. But it's also about the hard work in Maine that people do, there is a bunch of different jobs. I am not picking a specific one right now, but I am just saying that this song goes great with explaining how Maine workers work very hard to get food on the table for there family, and money for the economy today.

Brandon Raye
Dark Woods, Chill Waters

In the book Dark Woods, Chill Waters written by Marcus Librizzi there are some events in the book that connect to events in my own life. The book is about ghost tales from down east maine, and in the tale “The Headless Specter of Black's Woods” they talk about Catherine's hill. Catherine's hill is in the black woods and every time I go to Ellsworth we travel through the haunted woods. People are always telling the stories about Catherine and the sightings they have. Also a lot of the stories in the book are situated in or around downeast maine, and most people are familiar with the area where these hauntings happen

Tyler Farrington
Reading Journal
In The Bleak Midwinter

“Have you ever seen anyone after they committed a murder?”

To me this quotation means these people have been around murders or people who have murdered. It gives off the vibe of a thrilling story or a mystery. If either of the two, the story should really start unfolding anytime.

Jason Canane Murder at the Rocks

The lady in the church,( Mrs. Claudette) is a little large and has tried every diet out there. Including the grapefruit diet, cabbage diet, high protein, spinach, and the beet diet. The reminds me of a friend who keeps on saying, “I'm fat”. which the person I know is in tip top shape.

Maine, a wonderful hidden treasure
where every one travels for pleasure
just to sit back on the docks
watching the waves hit the rocks
the seagulls swinging far and high
as the otters swim and lie

Maine a wonderful hidden treasure
Any body can travel for pleasure
In and out of the waters
Never get so boring
Every one enjoys Maine

Rhebecca Wilcox
Journal Entry

A Face At The Window : by Nancy Graves

In the book A Face at the Window there is one character that reminds me
of my mother the character that reminds me of someone that I know, would
have to be Jake, Jake is the kind of person that acts like they need no help from
anybody, and is as stubborn as a bull. My mom no matter how hurt she is she keeps
pushing on until the job is done and if she had a big project like what Jake has with
rebuilding her house, my mom would never stop until it was all done no matter what
it took, just like Jake.

Reading Journal/ Maine Novel.
ShayLynn Norman

A Brief Lunacy
By Cynthia Thayer

3. I Wouldn’t Change anything about Carl or Jessie. But Sylvie. their daughter. I would change a lot! She’s selfish, rude, crude, and downright horrid. She treats everyone she knows horribly. She seems sweet at first, and then it's like she just snaps or something. She is kinda psycho. And that's just putting it mildly.

Derek Frisco
This Journal entry is about the book I am reading, I got the Idear: My love affair with the Maine language by Marion Kingston Of Lamoine. I would like to write about this book about the first twenty pages with a poem of maine words i have found in the book and ones that I feel are not in the book that should be. However i found a rhyme feel so i mixed maine words in with regular words enjoy!

Yuh you will probably see me in Maine up in Lincoln fishing with no sound just me alone thinking. Maybe i'll crack open a bruschi because ya'll know that's what i'll be drinking. turn on the radio I want to listen to Willie Nelson none of this hip hop flip flop stuff A.K.A Sean Kingston. All these weird jokes i can't understand just has me starring in front of the tube and i'm just blinking. Yes i'm a Mainah I don't pronounce my vowels, I want to go skinny dipping everyone is telling me to put on towel, i'm up in a tree spying on everyone like a owl. I'm the matrix like Morpheus, i'd say o yuh if you said u saw a porpoise. I want school to get over so please dismiss me, I don't want to have to bring the chainsaw out and shave my head bald like my name is britney. Spears and cheers please believe i'm not a rapper but i'm on my grind all day keep that in mind, this one is for Marion Kingston of Lamoine June 4, 1922- May 12, 2009.

Now I know Marion Kingston would like this poem, sadly she passed away of cancer at the age of 86 early this year.