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Return From The Wilderness Of Maine
By: Tyler Farrington

Man, Andrea and I had a good time,
We come together like a pecan pie, not going to lie, we're in love,
Living back in the town, Uncle D came up and gave me a hug,
Andrea and I are glad to be back, that night we went to town and got a drink and a snack
Came back, she and Bobby Light got in a fight, had to kick him out that night
But hey that's alright, we like to be alone in the night,
Our love is as deep as Maine's blue sea, hard to believe maybe?
I love it when Andrea calls me her baby.

Maine Love Poem
By Derek (Bobby Light) Frisco

This poem is dedicated to a very special woman in my life her name?
well i'll tell you.

Sherri I love her there is no other, she's so close yet so far away I can't touch her, I'm not talking about anyones mother, but her name is Sherri and I love her.
I was down in the port digging clams, Sherri walked up wham bam thank you ma'am, she gave me her number I gave her my book Bobby Light's green eggs and ham. I was walking through the store and by coincidence we met again, I almost fainted because on a radar scale she's a ten, she asked me out I said “ok when?” we went on a date, came back late, we stayed out from eight to eight. We became a couple it was going so quick, I didn't know if I wanted to commit to a relationship, I went and got advice from Mr. Chick he told me to get her a gift maybe some bling, so the next day I got down on one knee and showed her the ring, we got engaged now we are a big happy family with two kids, you would probly see us all in the Bangor mall shopping at Lids.
Sherri I love her there is no other, she's so close yet so far away I can't touch her, I'm not talking about anyones mother, but her name is Sherri I love her.
Man this relationship has been going on for a while, little did I know I would have to deal with a red head step child. He wanted to grow some stuff out back, I said “boy if you don't quit I'm gonna send stan over and you don't want that”, “look at me keep eye contact, now here's what you lack, go water the plants in advance there not going to grow on there own man, go pick the weeds and then plant the seeds, there now you're done take a step back and breathe. “Do you wanna live in Maine, or do I have ship you over to Tater and Cynthia's in Spain?”. But back to me and Sherri we love each other so much it's almost scary, we met up with Kathy and Laughing Larry. Man are love is mutual, we have a red head step child and a daughter it's so beautiful. Lately though times have been tough, I'm sorry I didn't mean to break you're heart Donna but.
Sherri I love her there is no other, she's so close yet so far away I can't touch her, I'm not talking about anyones mother, but her name is Sherri and I love her.

Fishing in Maine
By Brandon Raye

The alarm goes off on a hot summer morning
It’s the start of a perfect fishing day
The lake is flat calm and the fish are jumping
We cook a nice breakfast and gather the gear
The boat is down on the dock floating in the water
We haul the gear down to the boat and load it in
The water looks like glass
As we start the boat the motor has a soft roar
We can see the smoke roll softly out of the motor
We drive the boat across the lake to a fishing spot
As we arrive we shut the motor off and drop the trolling motor
First cast…
Bang!!! It’s a big smallmouth bass
It rolls across the top of the water and you can see the green on its side
After reeling and reeling for a good five minutes, we finally
Get the fish in the boat
We take a picture and then release it
It was a big one…

By Byron Atwood

The leaves that whistle in the trees.
The waves that crash on the shores.
The potatoes in the fields and the blueberries
on the barrens. The pine trees in the forest.
The chickadees on the limbs. Peace and tranquility
Wildlife and Nature, the true way Maine should be seen.

by Haley Albee

His flannel almost glowed through the tears.
Yellow and brown, as luminous as a brown-eyed Susan.
That scent.
Baby's breath, interrupted.
The sea breeze, salty enough to settle a vinegaresque taste in the back of my throat.
I wait for him to emerge and think of Grandma Barbara's warnings for the strong undertow.
Baby's breath.
Closing in.
His smile.
Those seaglass green eyes.
Maine is love.

Life in Maine
by John Hanson

My life in Maine isn't the same as all the others.
When I was 5, that's when I learned to drive.
Me and my dad on the dirt roads – that was a blast with my dad.
Life hasn't been the same for me and Dad ever since Mom has passed
but we do well with what we have.
I'm all grown up now.
6' 2” -- it's amazing how time has passed;
two more years, then I am on my own.
I don't think my life will be different.
I think I will stay here in Maine --
it's a place I like to call home.

Maine Poem
by Tyler Farrington

Andrea and I struck out for the Maine wilderness,
High into the mountains we went.
Sleeping with the deer, bear, coyotes, and moose.
Writing my Uncle D every day, asking him what's it like in the city?
And wondering if we will ever leave the woods of Maine.

by ShayLynn Norman

Going on a walk
I don't like to talk.
I love the view
We have more than a few.
The salty sea air
Blowing in my hair.
On a beach in Maine
I'm racking my brain.
A beautiful scene
A wondrous dream.
They call it “Vacationland”
I call it my “homeland”.
The beautiful Machias, Maine.

Indian Lake
by Zach Albee
Wake up early, six o'clock
Packed a bunch of things.
Put the kayaks in the truck.
Went on a mini road trip with some cranked tunez.
Rode up a hill and through some dirt roads.
Got to a part in the road where the swamp went over
the road but took the truck through it.
Put the kayaks in the water.
Got out the poles and away we went.
Paddled all the way across.
Got a bunch of bites and tugs.
Caught a few, put 'em back.
Ate a sandwich, and the day was over.

Lobster Fishing
by Trevor Wood

My alarm goes off at 4a.m.
I crawl out of bed to get ready
for the day.
I get in my closet to pick out my
I pack my lunch to keep me from
starving for the day.
We drive down to the wharf to get on
our skiff to paddle to the boat.
We tie the skiff to the anchor.
We drive into the sea to check his
We see our first trap, haul it up –
five keepers.
We get done so we head back to shore.
I take my lunch box, put it in the
We drive home and are gonna do it all
over again tomorrow.

Blueberry Factory
by Jason Canane

I work at a factory
Maine Wild Blueberry Company.
Getting paid ten with satisfactory
long hours, short breaks and sore feet.
You'll need an imagination to make time fly
so you can sit back and eat bacon meat.
Back on the velcro
carrying your electrolytes
trying to get your electrocution.
Finally, the sun, light!
We just might, might
might get out of here.

by Rhebecca Wilcox

Fresh wild blueberries, summer activities
Warm summer days, sweet smell of pine trees in the air.

I call this place home in which I reside.
Where I live is a wondrous place
Full of sights to see and animals galore.
The calming waves of Roque Bluffs Beach
The smell of sweet rose hips just up the road.

Seagulls freely flying high above the beach,
landing just the other side of a piece of driftwood
that was gallantly washed ashore.
Plenty of places to go and things to see.

Can you guess where I live?

I'll give you one more hint --
I live in the state that sees the sun rise first.
I live in Maine.

Middle Rivah!
by Garrett Preston

When it's cold 'n ya start to shiva'
Me 'n my buddies head down by the riva'.
Pitch a tent, have some fun, stay a while.
Willard just tripped ova the wood pile.
Kickin' back, singin' a tune
take a broomstick 'n shoot at the moon.
Find some kid in the woods in a heap.
Sinkin' in the mud, find yaself knee deep.
Wakin' up to breakfast at Tata's.
Headin' out? We'll see you boys lata'.
Some girl got 3 dudes with a'
Where's she headin'? Oh, down by the riva'!