Small Town Life
Writing Assignment

Think about some of the qualities of living in a small town, both positive & negative. Choose one the stories read in class that deals with small town life and compare it with an event that has happened to you personally. Write an essay that tells about the event and show how it relates to the piece you have chosen. Explain in your essay whether or not you believe small town living to be beneficial or detrimental. Support your beliefs with examples from your own life and from the piece you have selected.

Your finished essay should be at least one page typed.

John Hanson
Small town life essay

There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages for living in a small town. One of the disadvantages is once you do something, the whole town knows what you did whether you got a new truck or went on a trip. Sometimes the rumors are not always good, just like in the story The Rumor there are a lot of rumors that get spread around. like in the book The Rumor where Sam went to Florida to open a new hotel and he and Jenny because she is good with handling business and every one in town thought he was spending all the towns money. So they started to spread rumors about Sam and they were saying

One thing I hate is when someone is talking behind someone's back and once the person that they are talking about shows up, they are all nice to that person after they were spreading the rumors about them. how that they knew that they could not trust him and the selectman that nominated him said that i always knew that Sam was no good and that he did not trust him from the start.

In a small town there are also a lot of festivals like the story about The Black Fly Festival. In a small town like Blue Hill, they have a fair where all kinds of people come to ride carnival rides and there is a timber sports show and all kinds of crafts that some of the Maine people make. In Machias we have The Blueberry Festival were we have pie eating contests and people from all over the country to visit this small town. The bad thing about that is the traffic is always bad and its hard to get through town.

Derek Frisco
Small Town Life- Rumor
July 4, 2009
Alright one, two, three!!!. Fire works have gone off in Bangor and there is a gang of people who are ready for a fourth of july to remember. This gang includes Bobby Light, Laughing Larry, Mike, Kyle, and a bunch of girls. Now this story is about one of these girls who was from Hamden, however I think it's for the best interest of her and everyone else in this story she goes by the name “Cherry A.K.A Sherry”. I will relate this story to one in the book Maine speaks and the story Rumor. Rumor is a short story about whether or not Sam Billings was spending the town's money, and could the town's people trust him. Now for your feature presentation, are you ready?
Now Bobby was swag surfing at the muddy rudder in Bangor, Larry, Mike, and kyle were laughing at Bobby however, Bobby would have the last laugh. As they left the muddy rudder a girl approached Bobby, and said do you want to get a hotel room with me? The funny thing is that the girl was actually a guy because when he dropped his cigi's he bent down to pick them up and his wig fell off. As Larry, Mike, and Kyle were laughing Bobby decided to question this weird man. “What is your name? Ken Kaniff from Connecticut”. Kyle left with some friends, with one man down that would not ruin the other guys fun. This is the part where the most unexpected thing happens.
We decided to head out to dysarts because they were as hungry as you know what. When they arrived Mike got out and decided to go streaking down the highway. This left Bobby and Larry in total shock. With Mike out of the picture and the best western up the road they decided to eat then get some rooms to throw a birthday party for Kyle who's birthday wasn't for a week but if you know those two guys it don't matter. Larry and Bobby were watching the fireworks go off, however Larry has a tendency to be amazed for to long, with Larry sidelined Bobby felt it was best to take advantage of this situation. He called some lady friends over for a good time. Now little did Bobby know it would start the biggest rumor of all and put him in a similar situation as Sam. The girls got there and they had birds and bees which left a very awkward situation for Bobby and Larry who were hiding in the bathroom from the Weird ladies named Cherry and Sherry. Bobby came out from hiding and mysteriously vanished. When Larry came out he said he was shocked to see no one not even Cherry or Sherry. There was one thing left a big bag, he opened it and bees and birds flew out and he was running around being stung and in shock. As kyle walked in with friends into his supposed to be birthday party he was shocked to find no Bobby and Larry locked into the bathroom refusing to come back out. To make this even more weird mike had returned with nothing but a robe on. Now this is where the rumors begin. Larry thinks that Bobby had been beaten by those girls and then robbed of his money. Kyle thinks Bobby had fled with those girls to a new country and to play the most funniest joke on Larry. Mike thinks that Bobby and the girls wanted to streak with him but then didn't find him so they stole Mindy Larry's dog and fled. With all these different rumors we can conclude one thing all these scenario's are funny.
And that's where we leave this session of Unsolved Mysteries, I am your host Bobby Light, dang it I just told them where I am.

Small Town USA By:Tyler Farrington

The Black Fly Festival by Tim Sample is like one of the many small town festivals Maine specializes in. These festivals have big crowds of people from the town, tourists, and many odd festivities. The black fly festival of Rangley takes place every spring.

I have been to many festivals all over the state with my business “Maine squeeze”. for example the Ossippi valley fair, the Milbridge days, the Sullivin daze, the Calais international festival, and the Machias Blueberry festival. These are just a few of my main places i go to, Me and half owner Pearly Maclean. But we travel any place worth going from small town to small town about three days a week. We see the activities like the skillet toss, pie eating contests, burn out competitions, the codfish race, and plenty more.

Jason Canane

Northfield is as a small but simple place with a nosy population. Northfield lies twenty miles north of Machias with a population of around two hundred people. One of the good aspects about this little town is you feel like you're at home. Step out side and shoot a buck any time. You can almost get away with murder there, with an exception. If you happen to tell a certain person about what you have done, or who did this or how or even if you thought someone did something, you just told four hundred people. Not just that town will know. Wesley, East Machias, and Machias will know. That's when the town gets curious.
When you walk through town, every one looks at you weird, then you start thinking if you washed your face, and thinking that someone drew on you with a permanent marker while you were asleep, thinking you never checked the mirror in the morning. Just walking around in town makes you feel guilty. Especially when you know the people are talking about you. But if you didn't know the people around you are talking about you or what you have done wrong or what happened, you'll never hear about it.
I relate this story to the one in the Maine's Speak book where a man is being hired to be a accountant for a small town. The accountant goes to Florida with a girl from the town to his hotel. A rumor spreads out like white on rice or dumping gas on fire. Rumor was that he took the town's savings and a girl and moved down to Florida. Every one was nosy trying to get the full story. Spreading more rumors saying, “I heard that this happened”, but when the accountant returns, to the town and goes about his duties. The town realizes the accountant actually never took the money and that the girl went with him because she cleaned hotel rooms. Any ways, when they showed up, no one whatsoever spoke a single word. The rumor never existed from that point. This is how Northfield works. That's why living in smalls towns can suck. A good secret is best kept to itself.

Trevor Wood
English 11
Small Town Essay

The Blue Hill Fair is sort of like the Black Fly Festival. They both have big events that go on like the concert that goes on during the Blue Hill Fair at night. The only difference is The Black Fly Festival is being made fun of instead of actually being realistic. They have a Black Fly Competition but “beauty don't even enter into it”, in fact, there have been some weird girls that have won the Beauty Contest. For example, the year before they said the girl must have weighed about 235 pounds, and for “the talent part of the competition she carved a life-sized statue of Michael Jackson out of pulp wood with her chainsaw”. The black flies are so bad at the Black Fly Festival and at the Blue Hill Fair they're not that bad, but they do bite you up some, but not as bad as the Black Fly Festival by the sound of it.
The dislikes I have about this story is the author is making fun of Maine in the Black Fly Festival. If you come to Maine, it's not that bad, but the bugs can be pretty bad on a hot day or even just during the summer. By the sounds of this Black Fly Festival, it seems like it would be funny to watch or go to, but it was described like the bugs were pretty bad and like you would get eaten alive if you went. What I dislike about the Blue Hill Fair is that it gets really crowded so you have barely any space to move your arms without bumping into anyone. It even gets really crowded in the bathrooms so you have to wait to get into there to use a bathroom stall.
Other than all the dislikes and all that stuff, The Blue Hill Fair isn't that bad to go to. Actually, it is pretty fun for a whole family because they have rides and everything. The Black Fly Festival sounds like a comedy show with people carving stuff out of wood. I would like to go to it if it was real but I would hate to be eaten alive.

Zachary Albee
English 11

I am writing my essay about the story in class we read called “The Black Fly Festival” about the man explaining about the festivities in his town, like the girl with the chainsaw who sculpted a figure of wood into Michael Jackson, to the girls who stood on stage and could see who lasted the most time without swatting at the flies. Well I am comparing this to Machias' own Blueberry Festival. Sure we don't have okward activities like these. But they both seem like fun to a certain extent.
Tim Sample in his story talked about some strange events, but there were some laughs in there out of it. For instance Machias has a play they put on every year. I've never actually watched it myself, but from what I have heard, it's great and filled with comedy. One year we had ESPN come to Machias and they did one of their programs right here in this small town of Maine. Because our Blueberry Festival is very well known all around the U.S, it attracts tourists from all around, even from other countries. The streets of Machias are just packed every single year this event comes around. People get up as early as 5:30 a.m. to set up their stands. People sell things from necklaces, antiques, sculptures, quilts, hand made crafts, and a various variety of delicious foods. We also have many lemonade stands, but the best one in town, and is well known to everybody in this local area, is Tyler's Lemonade. Hand made fresh right in front of you. And don't forget the music festivities, and the blueberry pie eating contest, which people all ways get a kick out of.
These events only last a day or two, it's more busy on the first day. And some people work for months to get everything set up and ready. But in the end when you get all the money you worked hard for, it's worth it.

Brandon Raye
Small Town Life Writing

In the story the “Rumor” there is a man named Sam Billings who was voted to the office of town-treasurer which pleased everybody. Everybody in the town liked him, and they all thought he should have been the treasurer all along. It was quite a small town so everyone heard about stuff quite fast. Everything was going perfectly until one night something was said about Sam Billings going to florida. Then they said he took a good looking girl named Jenny Russell, and all the towns money with him. People thought he had taken the towns money, and the girl to go to Florida to have a good time. After about a day everyone in the town had heard about something that had to do with Sam Billings going to florida with a girl and all the money from the town. People even started telling that Sam wanted to have his hotel property fired so he could collect the insurance money on it. Also that Sam had murdered one of the rich men from New York in his hotel last summer just for the his money. The people didn't think he would stop for anything now.
What the people didn't know is that Sam Billings went to Florida because he bought a big hotel and he brought Jenny Russell with him to see that the chamber-maids kept it clean and orderly. Everyone in the town just kept spreading rumors about Sam when they didn't know the real reason why he took the trip to Florida. When Sam arrived back in to town one day with Jenny all the people were in shock. Nobody said the rumors they were saying while he was gone, and all the bad things they were saying about him.
This story is similar to what happens here in Machias, because when one person says something that isn't true less then 3 hours later the whole town knows or have heard something about it. In small towns rumors go around fast and everyone hears about it or something that has to do with it. Living in a small town has its advantages, and disadvantages. Advantages can be that there is less traffic, there isn't as many people to deal with, and the schools are smaller. Disadvantages can be that rumors can go around a lot quicker and everyone knows everyone, and what there doing. Which isn't always a good thing.

Rhebecca Wilcox
Small Town Life.
Living in a small town has it benefits, I know living in Whitneyville, everybody looks out for everybody. My mom always used to say “It takes a small community to raise a child”, I understand what she means when she says that because I have seen it myself.
I always thought that living in Whineyville was stupid but now that I'm older I understand that it wasn't all that bad, I mean there was always something to do. Life in a small town is ok even when your the only girl in town that does anything. All the adults look out for everyones kids. I know that my mom was momma to every kid in town, and then some.
The bad things about living in a small town is that if you do something bad, before you get home your parents know about, I have a good story on something like that. When I was little my brother and some of his friends decided to climb the water out by the hospital, well my mom knew what him and his friends had done before they even got home.
When I was little also I remember that rumors were started about the way me and my family used to live. When people talk about what they don't understand, they get people in trouble for no reason or something they would have not ever gotten I trouble for.
Life in a small town can be hard but not all the time, if someone is in a rut or stuck somewhere between “a rock and a hard place” and cant go anywhere, the people in a small town will help others out. What you give or the way u give something in a small town you may never get it back the way you gave it.
The story The Rumor reminds me of Whitneyville, when the town starts the rumor about John Billings. The town talks about what they don't understand and with out asking questions first.
Some people start rumors because they don't have a logical explanation for what they are saying.

Byron .A.
English 11
Small Town Life

The Rumor is a story about a man named Sam Billings, who left for Florida during the winter and takes a girl named Jenny Russel with him, not to do anything bad but the town people think he ran away with there money and Jenny. Because of what one person said in 79 seconds the whole town was thinking this man had taken all there money and Jenny, and the towns people started saying things about Sam Billing not even knowing the real reason that he left. Another thing in the story is that when they find out the truth about Sam Billing, or when he comes back, everyone hides the fact they were saying and talking about so much mean stuff about the man, they just walk around like nothing ever happened. The Rumor is like the small town of Machias. Machias has rumors going around all the time. They never really start out bad but they mostly become bad in the end. A rumor could start off as just two people talking, or going somewhere, like what happened in the story The Rumor. There are a lot of rumor's flying around even now in my school, all you need to do is walk up to someone and ask them if they no anything about anyone, and most likely they no a lot of things about that person, that is not true and somehow get moved around the school in about 34 seconds and then in another 79 seconds the whole town knows about it.

Garrett Preston
English 11

Small Towns

Small town's are great. You know just about everyone in town, and are probably related to half of them. And of course we Down Eastnah's have our own dialect, it may be hard for “Out of Stater's” to understand us, but as soon as we find ourselves out of state we find ourselves in the same predicament.

Our small town of Machias has very important traditions like the Blueberry Festival, or Margerretta day. These are times when the whole town gathers together in twisted mess of a celebration.(that's not as true with the Margerretta these days)

I compare our traditions to a story I read in class called the Black Fly Festival. Where this small town in northern Maine has a festival filled with hefty girls competing against eachother, but mostly competing against the flies. Though our festivals aren't that extreme, we just gather in the streets and enjoy some fresh, home-made blueberry pie.

Garrett Preston
English 11

I like living in a small town. Growing up in a class of about ten was really cool, I think almost every kid in my grade was my friend, and even now I know almost all the people who go to school here, besides freshmen.
I also know a lot of the people in town( not by choice ) , and almost every other car that drives past me when I'm on the road is my relative.
I can kind of relate to the story”the Rumor”, because my grandma spends most of her time gossiping on the phone, and after a rumor gets through them, and they get done with all they have to say about it, it changes, as if they were talking about something completely different the whole time.
I can't say that no one has made a foolish assumption about me that turned rumor, but I can say I could care less because personally I don't care about anything, I don't care about school, this class, or this paper as I'm typing it, I don't even care about making it to the end of this page like I'm supposed to so I can get a good grade, because quite frankly, my names Stanley P. Garrett Preston.

“The Rumor” was a nice story, containing a bunch of not so nice personalities.