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The Lobster War Summary

Although Dain fears being on the water he lobster fishes. Dain's father lobster fished but he drowned cause he fell over board. All Dain wants to be is like his Father and just lobster fish. But on the other hand he has his mother who wants him to go to college and keeps telling him to fill out an application to go. He keeps delaying the application because he doesn't want to go to college he just wants to be like his father and lobster fish. Dain's older brother Eddie moves in with one of his friends Roger. Which Roger has a lobster boat called the Raptor. Roger is one of the most feared people in the town no one dares to mess with him. Eddie and his mom don't get along they fight a lot. Dain is always going out on the boat to go check his traps. He got a boat called the Rita Marie which was his fathers boat. It wasn't in the best shape but it did the job. Then Dain goes out on the boat and gets rope caught in his propeller and he won't untangle it because he is scared of the water so he waits for someone to come.

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Characters In The Book
Dain- is the main character in the book he is also Eddie's little brother.
Eddie- Is Dain's older brother but he moves out of his mom's and Dain's house and moves in with Roger.
Roger- is probably one of the meanest people in the town. Nobody wants to mess with Roger cause he is big.
Dain's/Eddie's Uncle- He tries to get Dain to go to college instead of Lobster Fish.
Dain's/Eddie's Mom- is the parent of Dain and Eddie but Eddie doesn't live with his mom.

Book Review

The Lobster War By: Ethan Howland

In The Lobster War by Ethan Howland, he talks about having a lobster war off the coast of Maine somewhere in a small town. As it goes on and talks about the lobster war Dain the main character in the book is having problems with his traps being cut.

Dain is a kid that just wants to be like his father and never cause trouble lobster fishing. “Eddie and I were all right when we started because of Dad. Everyone knew him. He had been fishing for years, so no one gave us any trouble”(26). Dain has a boat named the Rita Marie. He has used it for a long time. His mother wants him to go to college but he doesn't want to go to college he just wants to lobster fish the rest of his life. Dain has had a very hard life growing up because his father was killed lobster fishing when he fell over board. His mother is always wanting him to stop lobster fishing and do a different career because his father got killed lobster fishing.

Then after fishing for almost all summer he starts getting traps cut cause he notices he is missing a few. So he starts asking around if Roger is cutting them. '”Roger needed money,” Eddie continued, trying to explain. “If he doesn't get it, he's going to lose his boat. He couldn't get it from anyone else.(123)”'. Which Roger is who his older brother Eddie moved in with. Nobody in the small town messes with Roger. So he keeps asking around and he doesn't get any answers. After a while of waiting Dain gets the idea to go out at dark and watch his traps to make sure nobody is cutting them. So he takes a a skiff out to an island right near where his traps are being cut and he sees Eddie's boat then he sees his older brother Eddie with a knife in his hand hauling up one of his traps and cuts it and throws the buoy over board. So then he goes to Eddie and asks him why he is cutting his traps and Eddie says Roger told you to stay out of that area. Then Eddie walks off.

This book is about lobstermen and why and how they fight during a lobster war. “Water dripped down my nose. What was happening to me? They cut my traps, I reminded myself They Cut my traps(110)”. I can relate this book by Ethan Howland to Cutler because Cutler is a lobster fishing town. I really liked this book because it was about about a war on the water and I like lobster fishing so if you like to lobster fish then you should read this book because it talks about a Lobster War.

Letter To My Author
c/o Machias Memorial High School
1 Bulldog Lane
Machias, ME, 04654
Dear Mr. Howland,
Recently I have finished reading your book The Lobster War for my English 11 class. What I really liked about this book is that my stepfather does lobster fishing in Cutler, Me. I liked that the book got exciting as it went on in each chapter, you didn't know what was going to happen next.
In The Lobster War, I really liked how Dain thinks of the way to find out who was cutting his traps. He sits on an Island. That's a pretty smart idea if you ask me. Dain is a hard worker because he doesn't want to go to college, he just wants to lobster fish, that's all he keeps telling his mom. Dain is the perfect main character in the book.
Mr. Howland, I had a couple questions about the book like why did you choose for Eddie to cut Dain's traps? Why his own brother? I thought it was going to be Roger. Why wasn't it Roger?
Also I'm doing a report so I have a couple questions if you wouldn't mind writing back and answering them. Do you lobster fish where you live? How did you get the idea to write this book? Are you writing any other books like the The Lobster War?
I liked the book because it was exciting, especially at the end when Dain saves Roger and Eddie. It was described in my mind like the Cutler Bay. The only thing that didn't sound like Cutler was how big the waves were they never get that big in the Cutler Bay.


Trevor Wood

Lobster Boats Intentionally Sunk In Owls Head
Tension between Maine lobstermen is reaching a boiling point. Someone tried to sink three lobster boats in Owls Head, authorities said Wednesday morning.(August 5,2009)

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